Made from 100% french natural linen, with no chemicals, this canvas is used daily by traditional French bread makers.

linen canvas in roll for bakery

- Available in the following widths: 40, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 cm,
- Double borders for extra strength,
- Ready to use,
- Available in 50 meter rolls or made to measure.

This example shows canvas "Parisienne" - 70 x 230 cm with two borders and two hems.

linen canvas 'Parisienne' 70 x 230 cm for baker

The canvas can also be used by traditional pizza makers to place their dough on. It can be produced in 35cm or 40cm squares.

These professionally produced articles are heavy-duty for regular use.

All canvas is available from stock with very short delivery times.

Tailor-made solutions at competitive prices with COTONIS.



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How to maintain the canvas

To prevent mould and black spots, which contaminate your dough, you should let the cloth dry thoroughly and then brush it vigorously.
From time to time, you can clean it with a high pressure washer. We do not recommend putting it in the washing machine.